Introducing Night Orca

Too many firms, especially in the business-to-business arena, short-change their website-development effort. Why do small- and medium-size enterprises spend thousands of dollars monthly in traditional overhead, but have trouble allocating a few hundred dollars monthly to sustain a vibrant internet presence?

At Cranganore, we encourage our colleagues operating in services industries to reach out to Florida-based Night Orca for their digital needs. This confederation of freelance specialists focuses on the services sector, resolving client requirements with advanced digital-marketing skills.

Four-Fold Focus

Night Orca traces its origin to work in corporate communications at a time when websites were a mere information utility. Their work now embraces comprehensive online positioning strategies for accounting, banking, and consulting firms, among other commercial entities.

Domain Development

Structuring a website that truly reflects your company and emphasizes its capabilities requires more than a freshly-minted coder. Elements may include product messaging and calls-to-action, wrapping them in a visually attractive setting that maintains impact across multiple electronic devices.

Content Creation

A website without a blog is like a dinner party without guests. Writing recurring, effective content, whether short-form comments or evergreen articles, demands an ongoing commitment to ensure that your site is market responsive. The foundation for that effort is a publication plan the builds off your internal capacity.

Search Engine Optimization

Your internet presence is a crucial component of your commercial artillery. Ensuring that it is fine-tuned to suit the demands of the major search engines is an ongoing maintenance requirement. Mobile parity and page speed are two metrics, for instance, that influence your ranking. Passive compliance is ineffective.

Internet Administration

The purchase of a .com domain is the start of a digital journey that may require proactive domain purchases in countries or regions, at times confidentially in the case of a specific product launch. Looming concerns may include supervising and upgrading hosting services, as well as monitoring content delivery networks.

A website is no longer an elective component of marketing collateral. It defines the company and clarifies its products, while offering virtual proof of commercial competency. Does your firm meet these standards?

Important Notice: Night Orca is an affiliate of Cranganore Inc. The firm operates as an in-house digital marketing agency with certain capabilities available for open-market hire.

Banner: Orcinus Orca can be found in all oceans. Credit: Gerald Corsi at iStock by Getty Images.