Graze Today

On a complimentary basis, Cranganore offers uncommon views on worldwide economic and commercial trends. Our weekly alert is called Graze Today. We distribute this outlook across six continents to senior executives, investment managers, relationship officers, public-policy specialists, and entrepreneurs.

The subject matter varies week-by-week; only some remarks are captured on this site. Apparent randomness keeps our communication lively, but it also acknowledges the complexity of global markets. In his award-winning book, The Information, James Gleick writes: “Everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace.”

Seven Reasons to Sign-Up

• We Survey the World

We have deep heritage in global markets. Our ideas center on risk-related issues, including developing economies and venture capital. We tackle foreign-exchange volatility, behavioral-finance concepts, and halal-related topics. Florida and the Caribbean are part of the mix from time-to-time.

• We Offer Choice

We link to two-or-three comments in each email, depending on economic reports or asset-class developments. Our thoughts reflect what we learn from project activity.

• We Are Brief

We offer concise words on issues impacting investor sentiment. Think of our newsletter as an on-the-go approach to the world around us. In just a few paragraphs on each topic, we serve digestible nuggets of analysis.

• We Send Regularly

We aim to dispatch an update every week, usually over the weekend from our Florida base. Client activity, however, is our top priority.

• We Respect Privacy

We do not use this single-purpose subscriber list for any other reason. Period. You benefit from timely insight on headline events; we gain from any feedback that you may offer by return email.

• We Offer Control

We would like to think that we are inseparable, but that may not be realistic. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time by using the link at the bottom of every email. After a week or two, you will no longer receive this update.

• We Like Cattle

We work on agriculture- and livestock-related deals. That focus is one patch of corporate activity. But the name of our strategy bulletin was actually sourced on a long-haul flight. The cabin steward declared, “There is no meal service today. Rather, we are grazing across cuisines.”

Our bulletin is designed for global investors who are active in both private and public markets. It is sent by email without cost or obligation. On occasion, we may feature work from allied firms.

This regular email provides information only; it is not tailored to specific individual circumstances. We make no claim to offer direct advice on securities.

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